About Us

Bebijouly is a marketplace where to find handcrafted jewelry and unique pieces made in the city of Barcelona.

A meeting place for lovers of sophisticated products, a place for enthusiasts of unique pieces created with passion, a place where people connect to buy unique jewellery from Barcelona, directly from local artisans.

Our intention is to bring together those small local artisans who have something unique to contribute. We would like to introduce these extraordinary creators and facilitate the purchase of his art in a convenient and efficient way.

Here you will find exclusive cool jewellery from one of the coolest place across Europe.

Bebijouly is born thanks to the passion for everyday objects and small pieces that have a story to tell.

Discover your favorite cool piece in bebijouly and enjoy with contemporary fashion Jewelry made in Barcelona.

Bebijouly, my Barcelona Jewel Shop.

If you want to share your ideas, learn more or help to improve the site, or if you are an artisan located in Barcelona and you want your pieces to appear on the web, please drop us a line.  hello@bebijouly.com    -   bebijouly is a registered trademark belonging to ZunZun Barcelona • ZunZun Barcelona is a limited liability company located in Barcelona, Gosol street 10  08017 Barcelona.