nuria saloni

The present work is part of a project called "Interiors" which Núria Saloni started few years ago with the intention of providing color and dimensions that are not common in classic jewelry. 

Núria started investigating with different organic materials to achieve this goal; vegetable fibers, certain textiles… until she found the Japanese silk paper, that is with what She's currently working on.

Here is where the project flows and each of the containers is a unique piece, both in form and in the colours chosen. All work is handmade.

It is a fruitful path, since year after year the 'Interiors' jewelry series grows and changes without forgetting the main idea "make small containers of colors".

Núria Saloni has been educated as jeweler in the school of Arts and Crafts and in the 'Escola Massana'. She was born in Barcelona, the city where she live.