Jordi Aparicio

contemporary jewelry

Jordi Aparicio is born on September 12, 1984 in a village close to Barcelona called Santa Coloma de Gramenet.

As part of the third generation of watchmakers family, Jordi grew up surrounded by watches, learning all the skills of his father.

In 2002 Jordi decided to study micromechanics in Barcelona and continued his training in several internationally reputable Swiss companies.

All seemed to be aimed, but one day, he snooped around a school near his job. That day he decided to start jewelery studies, in the Artistic Jewelry Cycle in the ‘Escola d'Art del Treball’ in Barcelona. Since the first class he falled in love with the profession.

Today he is happy as a child with his work, making unique pieces of contemporary jewelry in his studio, devoting as much time as possible on the research of new processes for the manufacture of his jewelry.

The collection that jordi show us is entitled 'Alma' (soul) and comes after a long investigation of thermal processes that provide incredibly resistant volumes of silver.

Since 2009 Jordi Aparicio has participated in many national and international competitions and exhibitions, obtaining several awards

Jewelry Awards:

2012  ‘Joi d'Art Enjoia't’ Award, Barcelona, España

2012  Finalist ‘Enjoia't’ Professional category, Barcelona

2012  First Prize ‘José Arquero’, Espaijoia,  Barcelona

2012  Honorable Mention from the National Association of Goldsmiths Poland ‘RITUAL’, Legnica, Poland

2011  First prize at the Catalonia Crafts competition, Barcelona, España

2011  Finalist ‘Enjoia’t’ Student category, Barcelona, España